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Accidents happen. That much is part of life.

When accidents happen that are not your fault, and cause serious harm, you may want to consider seeking legal compensation. An experienced attorney such as James Crabtree, of Crabtree Law Offices, can patiently and clearly answer your questions and explain your case’s potential during a free and confidential consultation. Contact James Crabtree.

If you are physically suffering, if your work or your ability to enjoy your life is suffering, here are a few reasons to consider legal action for your claim:

1: You don’t know how the injury is going to impact you in the long-term.

2: Your own insurer may decide you are “healed” even when you are not, even when you are still seeking medical care and going to rehabilitation. Insurers often provide very little notice of this action. This is one of the ways that insurers cut costs at your expense.

3: If you have certain kinds of personal injury, such as certain kinds of brain trauma, you may not even realize that you’ve changed. Your spouse and other loved ones will, though.

4: Another reason to consider legal action is to safeguard any potential earnings so that you can provide for your children and other loved ones. The law in the United States has evolved to provide justice for personal injury. In order to put the personal injury behind you, you may need to take legal action.

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My paralegals, other experts and I will thoroughly research the facts of the case, determine exactly what happened and how, and then vigorously and respectfully pursue full damages from the responsible parties.

We have handled complex cases involving everything from uninsured motorists to dangerous drugs to mesothelioma to slip and falls. Years after I have successfully secured recovery on behalf of my clients, many tell me that they don’t remember the monetary rewards. Rather, they remember that they were listened to and that they were treated respectfully and kind.

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