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Nursing Home Abuse Attorney in Overland Park, KS

Abuse of the elderly, the weak and the sick should never happen, but when it does, I am there for you.

It’s one thing to slack off if you’re a telephone salesperson. Slacking off when you’re a certified nursing assistant (CNA) working in a nursing home can cause harm or injuries that lead to serious injury or death for someone living in a nursing home.

Caring, Qualified, Respectful and Effective Legal Counsel for You

When a child sees what has happened to his or her elderly parent, it can be extremely emotional. I am aware of how hard this can be for the family members of the person who has been neglected or abused and am known for my ability to be respectful and sensitive to my clients’ needs as we seek damages.

Typically, children of the nursing home resident will file suit on a parent’s behalf. The types of cases I handle include, but are not limited to:

  • Bedsores (ulcers)

  • Physical abuse

  • Failure to treat, monitor or diagnose an injury

  • Drug mistakes

  • Falls that are not followed up with medical attention

  • Failure to supervise with a client wandering off and getting lost

Fight Back Against Abuse

Holding Those Accountable for Neglect and Abuse

We cannot criminally prosecute a person who has neglected his or her duties. We can, however, bring about change in nursing home practices and hold the nursing home responsible through a civil lawsuit.

At Crabtree Law Offices, located in both Lenexa, Kansas, and in Independence, Missouri, I represent people whose loved ones have been abused, neglected or in some way harmed by the nursing home that was supposed to care for them.

I've Successfully Litigated a Substantial Number of Nursing Home Abuse Cases

As an attorney with 15 years of experience handling nursing home abuse matters, be assured that I will pursue your case thoroughly, knowledgeably and persuasively. We not only have achieved significant monetary settlements for families and individuals who have been the victim of nursing home abuse, but we have also been able to affect policy changes in nursing homes by crafting creative settlement agreements which include additional training for the employees included as part of the settlement, for our clients.

Your phone calls will be promptly returned and our discussion will be kept confidential. All fees are contingent on my recovering compensation for you.