Accountability for Bad Products & Bad Drugs

Experienced Product Liability Attorney
You may have heard of Fen-Phen, the wonder anti-obesity drug that turned out to cause heart disease as a side effect in some people? This is the kind of case that I involve myself in as a products liability lawyer in Missouri and Kansas.

Crabtree Law Offices has a 15-plus year record of success vigorously pursuing consumer class action and products liability cases. We handle product liability in the areas of:

Dangerous drugs

Auto defects
Dangerous cleaning products
Household products
Tools and lawn care products

Personal injury is all that I do. Focused, precise, determined and effective. When you decide to seek my counsel, your case becomes my focus. I began my career under the apprenticeship of my father, who was a personal injury attorney for 30 years prior to my joining his law firm.

Answers to Your Questions
When you choose to work with me, I will explain to you what to expect and how I will proceed with your case. I will answer all your questions and return your phone calls promptly. Your satisfaction is important to me.

Years down the road, I have found that the thing that matters the most to people bringing a lawsuit forward is how they were treated and if the attorney listened to them. If you want to be treated with respect and listened to, and have an experienced attorney work hard for you, contact James Crabtree.

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